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Surrounding Attractions

Lincoln Castle

By Norman times, Lincoln was the third city of the realm in prosperity and importance. In 1068, two years after the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror began building Lincoln Castle on a site occupied since Roman times. For 900 years the castle was used as a court and prison with many being executed on the ramparts. Many original features still remain and the wall walks provide visitors with magnificent views of the Cathedral, the City of Lincoln and the surrounding countryside.

Cadwell park

Set in the Lincolnshire Wolds, this 'mini-Nurburgring' is one of Britain's most picturesque and spectacular, but dangerous circuits. its climbs and decent's combine demanding twisty woodland sections with long fast curves on the downland summit. For the most part the circuit is narrow, demanding inch perfect lines which Cadwell's notorious bumps and jumps do their best to upset.


Louth has a population of around 17,000 but serves many more than this from the surrounding villages and welcomes many visitors throughout the year for holidays. Consequently it has a superb range of facilities and services creating an ideal base to discover the rest of Lincolnshires' coast and countryside. Louth is easy to find - you won't miss it. Travel from the Wolds towards the coast and you focus on St James' spire, 500 years old and 295 feet high, your first glimpse of Louth. As you get closer its warm stone contrasts with the red brick and pantiles of the houses. A concoction of different styles in an intricate network of streets.


As you approach the City of Lincoln, from any direction, you are drawn to the magnificent silhouette of the Cathedral stretching to the skies, brooding over 2000 years of history. From the cobbled streets and antiques to the modern art scattered throughout the city, the past and present is all around. Many events throughout the year make historic Lincoln irresistible. Lincoln is loved by visitors of all ages and is a great place for a weekend break or family days out. Compact, and full of diverse things to do and places to see, unique shops, peaceful walks, places to eat good local food.